Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Thoughts of your mother Emma Allebes

October 7, 2009

Emma Allebes, our dear friend.

We have known Emma and Ted, and Ted's Parents , Ted Senior and Judy Allebes for a long time,since about 1955, when we all lived in North Sacramento Stake. We were members of Arcade Ward and we helped construct the building on Santiago Ave. Ted designed and built beautiful scenery props for our roadshow in Arcade Ward.

Our ties are strong as Ted Sr. and Judy were neighbors and friends to Bob's sister and her husband, Erma and Grant Staples in Eden, Utah. They told us of Ted Sr. riding his bike down the canyon to go to work.

I was fascinated with these strong people from Holland, and their accent. Judy's sparkling eyes and ever ready smile entranced me. Creative and tender caring Emma fit right in. There is a saying, “You can't beat the Dutch!”

When we moved out here in Fair Oaks, in 1961, Emma was very active in the Relief Society teaching fascinating arts and crafts. I liked it best when I learned how to macrame from Emma.

I was glad Ted was a member of the Church when he replaced me teaching the oil painting class in Adult Education, in 2006. The class not only had a professional artist teach them but a man with a testimony of the gospel.

It was great to hear Emma report about being with her artistic friends and touching them with gospel truths The respect and love that Emma permeated to all groups she associated with, was profound. We are going to miss her raising her arm in Relief Society and participating in the lessons.

Bob has a photo of Emma and Ted when they were a young couple. He remarks how beautiful and handsome they were and still are. One can feel the refined spirit of the Lord with them. We pray the comforting spirit will be with all of the family now.

With Love and Kind Regards,

Mary Lou and Bob Shaw

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