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FW: Emma Allebes Bio

Born in Ogden, Utah - Emma enjoyed being creative her entire life.  She and her husband, Ted, lived most of their married life in Northern California and raised 3 daughters (Shenna, Heather, Reaka) while primarily living in Fair Oaks.
Emma always enjoyed sharing her talents and was a custom dressmaker for many years, taught macrame to over 1000 students, and owned a fabric store - Tayo's Fabrics & Quilts - from 1983-1996.  She became well-respected in the Art Quilting and Wearable Art community for her artistic designs of both quilts and clothing which were always impeccably constructed.  She taught and lectured all over California and her quilts and wearable clothing have been exhibited nationally and internationally. 
She loved to create and share her talents.  Emma took an 'outside the box' approach to her projects and often liked to add a touch of whimsy and humor to her creations. This exhibit is an opportunity for many to once again see some of Emma's special creations.  Many of the items on display are on loan and now belong in private or museum collections.
Emma was a founding member of the California Pioneer Heritage Art Exhibit Committee when she suddenly became ill and passed away in Oct 2009.

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Emma's Studio Sale! DISCOUNTS!

Hello Shenna, I wish I could have made it to your studio Sale.  I am sure Emma had some lovely things.  I always admired her work and her sly humor in her pieces. 
Take care
Rachel D.K. Clark


Thursday, May 13, 2010

info for Studio Sale




Some quick info that will help you (and us!) with your shopping today!


Helpers  - who can help you or answer questions are wearing nametags


We aren't 'dealing' on Friday.  We will definitely be 'dealing' on prices on Saturday from noon until 3.  If you want to leave your name, email/phone #, name of item and price you're interested in paying – if the item is still around at the end of Saturday – we will be happy to contact you.  Or – of course, you're welcome to return on Saturday!


We will not be cutting any fabric – all pieces are sold 'as is'.


We have 4 different areas with Great Items!:


GARAGE: Antique Oak Roll Top Card File Cabinet – circa late 1800's, Christmas & Santas, Halloween, glassware & collectibles, knick knacks, dishes, costume jewelry, baskets, Wolf dress form, lower half of black & white mannequin, quilt rack, quilt ladder, etc


STUDIO: vintage quilt tops, handpainted 'Rooster' stool, wooden organ pipe, special collectibles, stamp collection (some Hitler and WWII), shell buttons (2040 sold as a 'lot'),  limited edition prints, cloth dolls (many made by Emma), cloth doll accessories/patterns/tools, 'Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs' soft sculpture set by Dorit, 'Q-Snap' quilt frame, books (quilt, craft, needlework, macramé, weaving, etc), 'Hot Wheels' collection, 'Brother' quilting machine, ultrasuede, fabric on bolts, lining, leather, fashion fabrics (velvet, corduroy, silk, felted wool, etc)


PATIO: purses (many macrame made by Emma), a few quilts, sweaters, shoes, clothing, hats, lots of Wearable Art created by Emma


BACKYARD: LOTS of cotton fabric (fat 1/4s, small cuts, larger cuts) and others also.  Patterns, trims, notions, batting, ribbon.  LOTS of UFO's – UnFinished Objects – projects started by Emma or leftovers of projects she completed. Look for the boxes marked FREE at the end!


Cashiers are in the backyard – please be prepared with cash.  We have people to help you with bags and tissue to wrap breakable items.


Emma had LOTS of beads and buttons – the majority of those have not been sorted yet by her daughters.  They will be available to buy as a 'LOT' after Jan 2011.  If you are interested in info about this – send an email to:


There will be a Neighborhood Sale next weekend (Sat, May 22) in this same 'gated community' – you are invited to come back as they always have 'Great Stuff'!


If you are a friend of Emma, or would like to know more about her and see examples of her finished work, please go to:

Shenna Mealey

Update - Emma Allebes Quilter's Collection SALE!


Remember - STUDIO SALE!

Fri & Sat, May 14 & 15, 9-3

8833 Barrister Ln, Fair Oaks


the original email is included below this one with more info!


Amazing Prices!


(please remember - this is a gated community and the gates will open at 9am! - not earlier....)


Update and Details about some of the items included in Emma Allebes Quilters' Collection Sale!


LOTS of fabric - bolts, yardage, small pieces - cottons, handwoven Guatemalan, velvet, wool, dressweights, silks, ultrasuede, linens, kimono fab,  dyed pigskins and more!

LOTS of books - quilting, crafts, weaving, macrame, dollmaking, needlework (many signed by the author)

LOTS of patterns - fashion sewing, wearable art, dolls, crafts, quilting

Notions - zippers, tapes, trims, ribbons, thread, totes

UFO - lots of unfinished projects!

Handmade Cloth Dolls

Vintage Quilt Tops

Some Beads & Buttons 



Quilting Machine - Brother Nouvelle 1500S  - maybe 10 hours of use 

Wolf Dress Form

Quilt Ladder

Quilt Rack 

Wool Stripper for rug hooking  


Wearable Art - a nice selection of Emma's original pieces!


Woman's Clothing, Etc - skirts, tops, beautiful sweaters, shoes, purses, costume jewelry


Collectibles & Glassware, dishes, 1921 crosstitch sampler, silver pieces

Hot Wheels Collection

Stamp Collection - some 'Hitler and WWII'

Christmas & Halloween

Santa Collection

Hand Painted Rooster stool

Mannequin - black & white graphic, bottom half only (trunk, legs and stand

Oak Roll Top  Card File Cabinet - circa 1890-1920 (approx 7' wide, 4' high, 2' deep)

Wooden Organ Pipe

Original sketches by elinor peace bailey

'Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs' soft sculpture dolls made by Dorit


There really IS too much to list -


....and FREE Stuff!




 You're being included in this e-mail because you're part of an organization that our mother loved. 


In October 2009, our mother, Emma Allebes, died peacefully.  She left behind many creations, collectibles, thousands of yards of fabrics, hundreds of patterns & books.   


Over the past several months, family members have had the opportunity to select some of Emma's creations to keep as mementos of a wonderfully creative woman.    One of Emma's last wishes was that those creations and possessions that weren't kept in the family should find homes with people who would appreciate them which is why "The Emma Allebes Quilter's Collection Studio Sale" has been scheduled.


If you receive this more than once, it's because we're human and just doing the best we can, not because we're trying to inundate your inbox.


Thank you,


Shenna Allebes Mealey

Heather Allebes Phillips

Reaka Allebes Bushman 



(Please share this e-mail with your friends or family that might be interested) 





Emma Allebes Quilter's Collection Studio Sale


Fri & Sat, May 14 & 15, 9am-3pm


at 8833 Barrister Ln, Fair Oaks, CA


(this is a gated neighborhood - we'll have someone at the gate at 8:45 to let people in - we will not be able to accomodate early shoppers)



Emma Allebes passed away in Oct 2009


....she was an internationally recognized quilter, wearable artist, teacher and lecturer .... 


Emma was also the owner of Tayo's Fabrics & Quilts from 1983-1996



Her family is having a Studio Sale of much of her Vast Collection of fabrics and other sewing related items...and more! 


Many of Emma's Wearable Art items will also be included in this sale.


(Please share this e-mail with your friends or family that might be interested)



LOTS of fabric - quilting cottons, specialty fabrics (including hand painted silks), Guatemalan handwovens, velvets, fashion fabrics, wools, felted wool...and more!  Small cuts and yardage.

Many sewing related books - many signed by the author. 

Many patterns - wearable art (lots of Folkwear), dolls, crafts, quilting, regular clothing patterns. 

Many Many UFO projects!

Many 'Bits & Pieces' that are left from previous completed projects. 

Sewing notions

A quilting machine

And so much more....


There will be antiques, collectibles, vintage quilt tops,

Cloth dolls, wearable art, vintage clothing - all made by Emma.

Christmas décor including lots of Santas. 

Hot Wheels car collection

'Snow White & the Seven Dwarves' soft sculpture dolls made by Dorit

The black and white mannequin that Emma was 'famous' for - we're selling just the bottom half - the hips, legs and stand....(the 3 daughters divided up the top!)

Large antique roll-top oak pattern cabinet (this was a fixture at Tayo's during the years that Emma owned it)


Many people will know that Emma had LOTS of buttons and beads.  Emma's daughters decided they just couldn't get through all of those - so some of them will be at the Studio Sale - but the balance of them will be sold later after the family can get together again at Christmas and look through them first.  If anyone is interested in buying those as a complete 'LOT' - contact:

For more info - please contact



help for Studio Sale

Hey Everyone - I am sooo grateful for all the help this last week (and before!) from so many good friends - to Mom and me!  A gazillion things are priced and sorted and ready for tomorrow.
Several of you have cautioned me about the onslaught of people that may come earlier than 9am tomorrow.  Although the gates won't be officially opened to the public until 9am - cars will be able to come in when others (like us!) enter.  I'll be there at 7:30am (or just after) to figure out the cash register (yes, we're really going to rock and roll!) and do final set up stuff.  If any of you want to take a little time to 'shop' yourselves - you are certainly welcome to come earlier than 8:30. 
I've had emails from Reno, Yuba City, Bay Area, Modesto and of course locally from people coming - I think it's gonna be a busy day!  Get a good night's sleep and be ready to have Lots Of Fun!...;)!
I will have nametags - just sticker with a place to write your name - so the 'shoppers' will know who the 'helpers' are.  Dad has his fridge stocked with cold water bottles.  When you get to Dad's - please come find me so I can 'brief you and give you a job'!
I think we're pretty well prepared for Friday with help - Saturday I'm still pretty lean - so if you know of anyone who thinks this would just be so fun to help out - let them know they'd be welcome!  You can give them my email info or cell phone (225-4611) to contact me.
There just aren't words to say how grateful I am for all your help!  My Dutch Uncle explained to me many years ago that the Dutch people have lots of words for different types of 'love' - like I love my family, I love my dog, I love chocolate in the English language.  I wish there were more words for 'Thank You!'.
You're all amazing!
Shenna Mealey

Emma Allebes Quilter's Collection SALE!

Dear Shenna:
Will you please consider selling me a photograph of Emma.  She was a tremendous influence on the direction of my quilting, and I truly miss her presence.
See you Friday.  I'm hoping to find some thing to keep that was once your Mothers.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emma's Passing

Hi Shenna.  I was glad that you included me in your email notice, and just wanted to tell you how very much I treasure my memories of your Mom, and her role in my quest to learn doll making.  It has been many years since my first class taken at Tayo's, and many dolls later. I sure am glad that Emma promoted this craft at the quilt store. I am President of the Flying Phoebes' Doll Club, so will for sure make sure that our members get your email. You have wonderful items of your Mom to cherish, which will for sure help all of your family to remember her while you are all healing from her loss.  My regards, Rosie Dennis

Monday, May 10, 2010

elinor peace bailey

Dear Girls,  I wish I could be there.  But I live in Vancouver , Washington now and I just can't.  Emma was so supportive of me and my teaching and I loved being with her and your Dad.  The home they made together was a continually creative enviornment and will always be a part of my most treasured memories.  Your Mother's work was crafted with such skill.  Her dolls were always amazing.  God keep you all and thanks for sharing her for so many years.  Love elinor peace bailey

elinor peace bailey - cloth doll patterns, llc

Thursday, April 15, 2010

LDS Art Exhibit info

Hi Shenna,

First off, I want to tell you how sorry I am at the loss of your Mother.  I know what a blow it is to loose someone you love so dearly.  She left quite a legacy.  I miss her even though I no longer live in the area.  I always look for her work at the Church History Center when I visit and in the Ensign when they would have the art contest.  I think of her often.

I sooooo wish I were there to see the exhibit.  I would LOVE to see your mother's work.  I have always been awe struck by her talents and loved taking her classes.  She always made me stretch beyond my comfort level and I learned so much.  I have always received compliments on the things I did as a result of her influence:o)

Sincerely with love,
Carrie Weatherbee


Check out my website!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

FQFG Show 2010


Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild Renames Art Quilt Challenge in Honor of Emma Allebes

This was taken from the program of the Folsom Quilt & Fiber Guild's 25th Anniversary Show:
When you say 'art quilt' or 'wearable art' among quilters, those in the know think of Emma Allebes and her contributuion to both branches of fiber art as an artist and teacher.
As the original owner of Tayo's Fabrics in Old Town Fair Oaks, Emma nurtured mny fiber artists, wearable artists and quilters in their chosen crafts.  Her shop was a place that people gathered to learn together and to enjoy the association with other fiber arts enthusiasts.
This nationally recognized quilt and wearable arts teacher was known for her use of yellow in her creations.  Other favorites of hers appeared in the form of black and white checks and many buttons.  Her bindings, whether it was on wearables, art quilts or traditional quilts were amazing - all bias, and most often checks.
Emma took an 'outside 'the box' approach to her projects.  When she was chosen to 'dress' a lion figure for the Fair Oaks Festival, Emma of course dressed it in a quilt.  Moreover, the quilt was designed to turn the lion into a rooster!
Emma's legacy of involvement ranged from the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild and the River City Guild, to the  Gypsy Traders, Northern Californian Quilt Council and above all, her church.  Renaming the art challenge,  The Emma Allebes Art Challenge, is a fitting reminder of her serivce to our craft and her positive influenece on all of us who knew her.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emma Allebes

I have just snippets of memories:  sewing at Zephyr Point Retreat.  We stitched next to each other one whole wwwkend.  She was making the quilt for your dad as a surprise and it was so interesting watching it come together.  Also, modeling for her at the trunk show at Tayo's.  That was so fun.  I smile every time I remember.  Emma's clothes were made for Emma and really looked best on her.
Sheila Bayley 

Monday, January 18, 2010



When we moved from San Jose to Fair Oaks in 1972, we bought a house in the Allebes neighborhood off Lakeside Way.  Our large lot was over grown and needed clearing.  Thus we first met Ted and Emma when they took a squatty palm tree we didn’t want.  Both our husbands enjoyed gardening and had that in common. I also got to know Judy, Ted’s mother, who lived in a small house at the back of their property. Our children knew each other, and over the years we admired them as a wonderful family, but Emma and I were so busy with our growing families and different church affiliations that we had little chance for much visiting (that came later).


However, I certainly admired Emma’s talents.  I was especially impressed by Shenna’s wedding dress, which Emma designed and Shenna made with a skirt like the petals of an inverted tulip. (This dress was designed at Shenna’s request to resemble a dress Emma made for her as a little girl) That was probably the same wedding with a garden reception at their home, except heaven forbid—it rained in California in May!  Emma, always gracious and unflappable, simply moved everyone—with all of us grabbing something--into their fairly small house.  It was very crowded with all those people, but, at least, shoulder-to-shoulder, we certainly got to know each other.


I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of her quilting classes which I attended (she taught in San Juan Adult Ed ages ago).  She made her classes so much fun, because she was down-to-earth, and an enthusiastic and motivating teacher.  (Unfortunately, I’ve never followed through with quilting.)  I remember a funny story she told the class, about a woman who wanted to pay Emma to make a quilt (I believe as a gift for the woman’s daughter).  It was near Christmas. Emma had her hands full and no time to make a quilt, so she quoted a ridiculous price. The lady took her up on it!  Many a night she burned the midnight oil to finish that one. That was only one example of her kind-heartedness and integrity.


Another Emma talent, from which I should have taken lessons, was her organization (and probably, also discipline).  I remember her impressively organized sewing room—in both their homes—where everything was meticulously shelved, in order, labeled, and catalogued. Little wonder she could accomplish so much. 



After we moved away fourteen years ago and my husband died, I gradually lost touch with many of my old neighbors.  I have been a long-time member of the Sacramento branch of Pen Women, and happily, I got to know Emma even better when she joined several years ago.  We sometimes shared rides to the meetings and visited on the way.  There is an obsolete, feminine equivalent of the term gentleman: gentlewoman, and that perfectly describes Emma, always kind, considerate, and thoughtful.  Also, I cannot believe how she found the time to belong to so many different organizations, and not only belong, but take an active part.  She was our Pen Women president for at least two years.  One of those times she reluctantly agreed to another term, but immediately cautioned us, “Don’t tell Ted!”


She was such a gracious and hospitable hostess.  My fondest memories are of our delightful PenWomen Christmas potlucks at the Barrister Lane home.  Emma and Ted had decorated it with so many artistic touches, and at Christmastime we were enchanted by all those unique holiday decorations.  Those were wonderfully warm, and very special gatherings.


Emma, thank you for enriching my life with your friendship, and God bless you abundantly for all you gave us.


From Pat Biasotti.

Emma - thoughts from Holland

Dear Shenna,
First we want to say that we feel sorry for the lost of Emma. We have great memories of her. She was always very kind and had a great hart on the right place. We wish you all lots of strenght with her lost, specially for Ted.
Frans & Riëtte.

What is Your Emma Story?

This blog is a chance to remember and honor Emma by bringing us together in a way that can only be done through a medium like the internet. We love her, we will miss her, but she's here for a short time still, and we want to smile and cry and laugh together with her as much as possible while we can.

Emma has touched a monumental number of lives through her work as a mother, grandmother, friend, teacher, artist, and to Ted as a dear wife. There are countless stories that have already been told many times, and there are many others that we're going to learn for the first time as we read them here.


Not only will we be able to laugh and smile together, even after Emma has passed, but we will be sharing this blog with Emma. If you have a story, long or short, silly or sad, pensive or outrageous, please take some time and share it with us and Emma.

This is such a dear time for all of us. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and prayers.

It's easy! To post to Emma's blog, send an email to If you have a picture(s) that you would like to add, make it an attachment to the email. Your email will post automatically.

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